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Math Counts this Monday

There are several missing assignments. There are also students who have been asked to correct assignments in order to raise their grades that have not turned them back in. Please check Jupiter.



This week:

7th Math and 7th Prealgebra: We are finishing up our percent problem stations to prepare for Thursday’s quiz. We will then begin similar figures.

8th Prealgebra: We are reviewing types of slope, how to calculate slope, and how to graph using slope.

Algebra: We are factoring polynomials this week.

6th Science: Quiz on Thursday. ¬†They have had their study guides since last week. I advise that they practice their short answer “essay” ahead of time. We will begin to talk about “the reasons for the seasons.”

7th Science: Quiz on Wednesday over diagrams for plant and animals cells. They have diagrams and I offered blank diagrams to study. We are also working on organelle functions. There will be a quiz next Tuesday over matching the organelle to its function.

8th Science: We are discussing heredity and genetics. Students are applying vocabulary and will soon be working with Punnett Squares.