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Rdg: “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen

Skills for the week: Identifying symbols in literature

LA – Vocabulary list: five words from “Spirit Bear.” Test on Friday.

Math – Geometry: angles, and measurement of angles.


LA – Vocabulary list: Words from “The Giver.” Test on Friday. Also, review of prepositions and quiz on Thursday.

Blue and Yellow Rdg Grps. – Pre-reading discussion and beginning “The Giver.”

Skills for week: Identifying conflict in literature.


Yellow and Blue LA – Identifying Infinitives and Gerunds

Yellow Group Rdg. Group – Reading “The Giver.” Quiz on Tuesday.
Blue Group Rdg. Group – Introduction to “Gathering Blue”

Yellow Group Vocabulary: Words from “The Giver” Test on Friday.
Blue Group Vocabulary: Words from “Gathering Blue.” Test on Friday.