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The Lion cubs have had a good week!  We are playing with the toys in our room and playing with our friends.  This week we started talking about our alphabet letters.  We started with “Aa”.  We had apples for snack (along with pretzels).  We even tried to make and “A” out of our pretzels!!!  We read a book about an airport.  We worked on our journals at center time.  You will get these at the end of the school  year and you will be able to see all the wonderful things your child has been learning.

During music time we are learning the “Mitten Song”.  Maybe it will be cold one of these days and we’ll actually need mittens and gloves again.  We also sing the “Color Song”.  I ask them what color they are wearing and  they can stand up when they hear their colors.

The children are doing a good job with their new responsibilities in the classroom.  They help with saying the prayer, pledge, leading the line, doing the calendar, checking the weather, handing out paper towels for snack and clean up.

Don’t forget to come to our Open House on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 12:30 to 2:30.  Join us for Mass at 11:00 first and then stop by and see us at school!  Invite neighbors and friends to check us out, too!  We would love for our school to grow!

Mrs. Langferman