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If you have not signed and returned the report card, please do so ASAP!

Math Counts resumes next week with Warm Up 9.

Here is a peek at what we are doing this week…

7th Math and 7th Prealgebra: We are applying what we have learned in terms of percents: mark up, discount, sales tax, tip, and percent of change. Look for a test over percents (including percents and proportions) next week.

8th Prealgebra: Function notation and graphing; introduction to slope and intercepts

Algebra: We begin factoring this week-factoring with GCF and factoring trinomials

6th science: gravity’s effect on revolution of Earth; shadows of the Sun; objects in space; We are doing something different this time around. For our first space quiz, I gave the study guide early on. The front page (except for 2 questions) is due on Thursday. The quiz may be late next week, depending on our progression of the material. The kids should start studying now and I will announce the quiz as soon as I know a date.

7th science: We are learning about the structure and function of the cell. Next week, the students will have a quiz over the diagrams of the animal and plant cells. They have labeled diagrams in their notes and I have put links to the diagrams on Google Classroom. I can provide blank copies if needed.

8th science: We have been discussing genes, chromosomes, and an intro to DNA. We are moving on to heredity and traits. They have a handout and a notes sheet on the prior information that they need to hang on to.