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The Lion Cubs are back and doing fine!  It was a little rough for a couple little cubs in the mornings but they have done fine since! It helps to get back into a routine with getting enough sleep and eating a good breakfast before school.

We started having daily helpers.  The students help with prayer, pledge, calendar, weather, snack, line leader and clean up.  This gives them a job almost every day.  They really like being a special helper!

We made snowman pictures this week.  We will have them hanging in the hallway if you want to check them out when you drop off your student.  They did a nice job and we talked all about the smaller and bigger circles, triangle (carrot nose) and square (we made square eyes).

We are going to begin working on the alphabet and sounds.  We will start with Aa next week.  They really like singing the alphabet song and they are very interested in the alphabet poster and banner in our classroom.

We still need to work on how to hold a pencil or crayon.  They have not mastered that yet.  If you can work on that at home, that would be great.

If we have any inclement weather, St. Rose School closes when Franklin Community Schools are closed.  The same applies to 2 hour delays.  If your child is only enrolled for the morning on Monday and Wednesday, then a two hour delay means that they would only be here for one half hour of class and one half hour of recess.  That’s your choice, but it is not much instructional time.

IMPORTANT INFO:  There is no school on Monday, Jan. 16, for Martin Luther King Day.

Our school is holding an Open House on Sunday, Jan. 29.  It is from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.  Please let others know about us!   You are welcome to come and see our classroom and check out the other classrooms as well.  You can also find out other information about our school as well as buy Spirit Wear.

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please send me a message at school through the email [email protected]

Stay warm and safe!

Mrs. Langferman