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RELIGIONWe will be reading Chapter 7 this week.  In this chapter we will be talking about how Jesus teaches us to love.  We will talk about showing love to God and to our friends and family.  We will read about St. Louise d Marillac and how she showed love to God.  No test planned yet for this week.  Will most likely be next week. 

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  This is blue pants and white shirts for the boys.  Plaid skirt or jumper with a white shirt for the girls!  (Girls will be able to wear pants for Mass Uniform starting in November.)

 SPELLING We will be starting a new story in our reading books now that we have completed our Little House book!  Our words this week have ‘u’ sounds (loop, rude, look). We will have our spelling tests on Wednesday and Friday this week!  Please see the link below for the new list of spelling words for the next three weeks!


READING  We will be reading “Jones Family Express.”  We will work on vocab., making inferences, following directions, and homophones.  Our test will be on Friday.

GRAMMAR In Grammar we will work on Future Tense Verbs and we will review past tense and present tense verbs.  We will be doing some review in our Vocabulary books this week as well.  

MATH   We will be doing some Multiplication Review as well as getting started on Division this week.  We will look at how division relates to subtraction and multiplication, as well as problem solving and choosing the correct operation.  

SCIENCE – We will focus on Social Studies for the next few weeks!

SOCIAL STUDIES   We will be learning about “The People and Their Local Government” in chapter 3.  We will talk about the leaders in a community, community governments, and services provided by a community.  We will also talk about the branches of government and states, capitals, and the borders between states and countries.  


Jan. 10 – PRIDE Meeting at 6:30pm

Jan. 11 – Report Cards will go home

Jan. 13 – Honor’s Day and Spirit Day – starts at 1:30pm in the PLC

Jan. 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL!

Jan. 29 – Catholic Schools Week begins!  Be watching for important information!

Jan. 29 – ST. ROSE OPEN HOUSE – 12:30pm – 2:30pm – Spread the word!!

**If you could help us out with some SNACKS for the classroom, we would greatly appreciate it!

**WELCOME BACK CORBIN and the Sejas Family!  I am sure you had a great time out on the road, but we are so happy to have you back!  🙂

**PE NOTE – On the days that we change for PE (Thursday and Friday) the students will need to be sure and have pants to put on for dismissal. This could be just a pair of sweats/pajama pants/etc. or their uniform pants.  As we get into the colder months, I do not want them walking out to the cars in shorts.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  – PE

Tuesday  –   MUSIC 

Wednesday  –  LIBRARY

Thursday  – MASS and PE