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RELIGIONWe will be reading from the Advent Chapter from our religion book.  We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation on Wednesday afternoon with 4th grade. We have been talking about this sacrament in our religion chapters, but we will talk a little more about this in class before Wednesday. Please talk to your child about this sacrament at home too.  If your child is not Catholic, they are still encouraged to still talk to Father Steve. 

Thursday is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  This is a Holy Day of Obligation in the Catholic Church.

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  This is blue pants and white shirts for the boys.  Plaid skirt or jumper with a white shirt for the girls!  (Girls will be able to wear pants for Mass Uniform starting in November.)

 SPELLING Our words this week will go with our Chapter book, “Little House in the Big Woods”.   Please see the link below for the list of spelling words for the next three weeks.


READING  We will be reading chapters 5-8 this week of “Little House in the Big Woods.”  We will continue to do most of the reading and work at school, but some work may need to be finished at home in the evenings.  

GRAMMAR All of our Grammar and Vocabulary work will go with our “Little House” book. 

MATH   We will continue with Chapter 5 and multiplication this week.  We will work on multiplying by 9, 11, and 12.  We will also look at multiplying with the Associative Property and problem-solving strategies.  We will test over this chapter early next week. Be sure to keep working on those math facts for the multiplication sundaes!  I want to see everyone have at least a bowl and a few scoops of ice cream!   

SCIENCE – We will finish our chapter on Roles for Plants and Animals this week. We will be completing a few activities the first few days this week and I am looking to take a test on Thursday.  Please watch for up to date info as the week moves forward.  Also, please know that students are always welcome to bring home their books to study a little ahead of time, or at least review what we have done, so they are not trying to do it all on one night.

SOCIAL STUDIES   We will focus on science for the next few weeks!


**Our CHRISTMAS PARTY is fast approaching (although not quite fast enough!!)  Here is who signed up for something…

SNACK – Logan Jackson
DRINK – Keylee Hudson
GAME – ????
CRAFT – ????

As you can see, we are short a few volunteers!!  If you would like to help with game or craft, please let me know!  Something simple!  The party will start around 12pm and dismissal is at 1pm!  It will be a fast party!

**This week we will be going to the Scholastic Book Fair!  Our PREVIEW DAY is Wednesday at 2pm, and our SHOPPING DAY is Thursday at 10:15.  If you would like to send in money for your child to purchase books at the Book Fair, please put the money in an envelope or zip-lock baggie with their name on it so it doesn’t get lost.  

**PE NOTE – On the days that we change for PE (Thursday and Friday) the students will need to be sure and have pants to put on for dismissal. This could be just a pair of sweats/pajama pants/etc. or their uniform pants.  As we get into the colder months, I do not want them walking out to the cars in shorts.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  – PE

Tuesday  –   MUSIC



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