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Hello Parents,

The children are getting ready for their big production on Friday, December 16th, when they get to sing for the school and their family and friends. Everyone is invited to watch the Kindergarten Bound Preschoolers sing Christmas songs! The children can wear their Christmas best for the program. We will probably stay in for recess, don’t want to ruin their outfits before their program. If your child is picked up at 11:00am, they need to be back by 2:00pm for the program.

Our last day of school before Christmas break, will be Wednesday, December 21st. We will dismiss at 1:00pm. All students must be picked up at 1:00pm. There is no afternoon Extended Care on this day.  We will not have a letter-of-the-week, due to the short week.

I need to make a correction regarding when we stay in due to the temperature. I sent out on one of the daily letters, we go out when it is 32 degrees or higher. I was wrong, we will go outside for recess, weather permitting, when the wind-chill (feels like) is 25 degrees or higher. Please make sure your child comes to school dressed for recess; coats, gloves and hats.

Please be mindful, it is the cold and flu season and children are getting sick. If your child is running a fever or throwing up, they are not allowed to come back to school until they are 24 hours fever free or 24 hours free of throwing up. The 24 hours starts from when the fever broke or from the last time they threw up. Example: If your child’s fever broke at 1:00. You start from that time and if they don’t spike a fever within 24 hours after 1:00, they can come back to school. Same rules apply for throwing up. We are doing our best to keep things clean in the classroom and having the children wash their hands with either hand sanitizer or soap and water.

Please help your child decorate their gingerbread. After they have decorated it, please have them return it in their folder. They will be able to go to the prize box and we will decorate our classroom with our cute gingerbread!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day! 15 more get ups until our last day of school before Christmas break!

Blessings to all!

Mrs. Mace