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No Math Counts this Monday, November 28. We will resume on December 5.


This week:

7th Math: Checking proportionality and solving proportions

7th Prealgebra: Quiz on Friday over special solutions and word problems with equations and inequalities; ratios, units rates, and checking proportionality

8th Prealgebra: Pythagorean Theorem; Quiz next week over algebraic proportions, formulas and equations, literal equations, and Pythagorean Theorem

Algebra: Test Friday over our graphing unit; begin unit on writing equations from points, graphs, and slope


6th Science: A project will be assigned this week and will be due December 16. This will give the students almost 3 full weeks to complete the projects. We may work a few days in class, but students should plan to do most of the work outside of class. This week we will discuss relationships in the environment, limiting factors, carrying capacity, and symbiotic factors.

7th Science: Quiz on Thursday over the layers of the Earth and continental drift. ¬†We will discuss the types of boundaries this week, faults produced, and stress on the Earth’s crust. We will quiz next week on that material.

8th Science: We will discuss natural selection this week and apply it to situations in nature.