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Math Counts every Monday after school until 4 pm. Students can wear their shirts with uniform pants.

NO Math Counts on Monday, Nov. 28.

NUT day on Tuesday for the Make A Wish foundation. For a donation of $1 or more, students may dress like a teacher.

No school on Wednesday-Friday. No Extended Care on Tuesday.

**Thanks so much for the Blessing Basket donations! The baskets looked wonderful and will be so appreciated!


This week:

7th Math: Unit rate finish up and proportion review

7th Prealgebra: Finish up with writing equations and inequalities from word problems; We will have a quiz next week on everything we have learned since our last test.

8th Prealgebra: We will work on literal equations and review last week’s algebraic proportions. We will work on Pythagorean Theorem next week. We will either test next week or the week after.

Algebra: We will not have class on Monday due to the Thanksgiving lunch. On Tuesday, we will work on systems of inequalities. This should finish up our graphing unit. We will test next week. They have remembered a lot from last year, which has helped a lot in moving us to new material. 🙂

6th Science: We are focusing on interactions of living things. We will mostly focus on the eating relationships, such as consumers, producers, etc. Next week, students will be assigned a project that will focus on a biome. They will identify the relationships in that biome and will produce two products for the project. They will need access to research materials. One source will need to be a book other than their textbook. We might use a day or two in class, but this will mainly be an outside of class project.

7th Science: We are discussing the movement and boundaries of tectonic plates.

8th Science: We are discussion Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection, as well as evidence for this theory. Students will need to be able to apply the points of natural selection to various situations.