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I can’t believe it will be December shortly after we return from Thanksgiving break!  Where has the time gone? Before you know it, we’ll be starting a new year! It is such a busy time of year for all of us as we prepare for Christmas both at home and at school.  The children have been practicing for the upcoming Christmas program in music class with Mrs. Langferman and are doing a nice job learning all of their songs.   We will be getting ready for CHRISTmas in our classroom over the next few weeks as well.  We are so fortunate to be part of a school family that can celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas here at school with our teachers and friends.  We are so THANKFUL for God’s greatest gift to us, Jesus, and we look forward to celebrating his birthday together!  The “church season” of Advent begins Sunday, November 27th.   Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas. The children will make their own Advent Wreaths next week so that they can “light” their Advent candles here at school each week as we prepare our hearts for Jesus.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing what the candles represent and different ways we can prepare our hearts during this SPECIAL season of Advent.


More Holiday Homework 

Your child will be bringing home a letter of the alphabet (possibly 2 since we only have 17 students & 26 letters of the alphabet) in a Ziploc baggie today.  You will find this in their Friday folder.   We are going to use these letters as ornaments on our Kindergarten Christmas tree when we return from Thanksgiving break.  The children can decorate their letter (s) however they would like to.  I know how creative they can be after seeing all of their turkeys so I’ll be looking forward to getting these back as well. Here are a few EXAMPLES for some of the letters: “B” color it blue or draw/glue buttons on it; “Z” color it striped like a zebra or make zigzags on it; “Q” write lower case “q’s” on it or just color (design) it like a quilt.   Remember, these are just ideas. BE CREATIVE! I know the ornaments will turn out GREAT!   Our tree will be extra SPECIAL with a little added touch from the children, not to mention we can look at our tree and learn from it every day as we review letter sounds.  Please return the ornaments by Tuesday, November 22nd so that we can decorate shortly after Thanksgiving Break. Believe it or not, we will only have 3 1/2 weeks until Christmas break after returning from Thanksgiving break.  So much to do, so little time! 🙂

Mama Cat

We started Unit 5 this week in our Reading series. This week we read a fiction story about cats.  This story was also a predictable story, which the children love to read because they can help me read even if they aren’t familiar with all of the words.  This week we worked more on making predictions and also reviewed position words.  We learned our 3rd vowel sound this week as we worked on the letter sound for “O,” both the short and long vowel sound.  Each week we do a predictable chart for the letter we are working on (O is for…) and the children have been doing a GREAT job coming up with a list of words each week. When we return from Christmas break we will begin “sound spelling” (some have already been trying it out 🙂 ) the words we come up with for our predictable chart each week. The children are really looking forward to learning how to spell the “Kindergarten Way.”  Please be sure when they bring home the mini sight word readers from their workbooks that they are reading these to you.   I can see during class time, that many of the children are doing a GREAT job reading these books.  A new popcorn word (sight words/high frequency words) list is in today’s Friday folder.



Bristol was our STAR student this week!  He was born on November 9, 2010.  Like Brady, Bristol was excited that his mom cut out his poster board in the shape of a “B” for Bristol!  This week’s  “B” had lots of pictures of Bristol, his family and things he likes to do.  Bristol also had a smaller poster with pictures of him and his best buddy & twin brother, Brady!  Bristol couldn’t help but giggle when he was telling us about some of his pictures, especially the picture of his giant mohawk.  He said his dad messed up his hair really bad. 🙂  Bristol likes to make people laugh by putting Cheetos in his mouth to look like fangs.  We thought Bristol was just being silly again when we saw the picture of him in his toy box, but he said he wasn’t being silly, he was just sleeping.  That’s where people sleep, right? 🙂  Bristol likes swimming, visiting the fire station and going to the fair.  He even won a DQ cake certificate at the fair. Bristol said he likes playing games on his mom and dad’s phones, he likes hanging out with his brother, Levi, snuggling with his sister, Summer, and wrestling with Brady.  He also likes to snuggle with his dog, Daisy.  Bristol said Brady always tried to take his toys and food when they were babies.  Bristol would tell him “NO,” but Brady would do it anyway.  Bristol’s favorite color is blue.  Thanks for sharing, Bristol!



Be sure to mark your calendar for our annual St. Rose Christmas program for grades K-5 on Thursday, December 15th  @ 7:00 p.m. in the PLC.  The children may dress casual (anything appropriate for church), but may NOT wear jeans. Your child may


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wear his/her “Sunday best”, but this is not required. The children have been working hard and are looking forward to performing for you and your families. Don’t forget your cameras!  🙂 Their sweet, innocent voices really remind us of the true meaning of Christmas!     


*11/18  PRIDE is hosting Parent’s Night Out in the PLC from 6-10 p.m.

*11/19  PRIDE’s Holiday Market from 4-8 p.m. in the PLC.  Mass at 4:30.  All are welcome!

*11/20  Mass at 8 & 11 (Includes Liturgy of the Word).  All are welcome!

*11/21   We will have our “school family” Thanksgiving feast.  If you would like to help serve this lunch please send an email to [email protected] The time commitment would be 10:00 until the dishes are done. 🙂  Thanks in advance for your help with this special meal!

*11/22  Student Council sponsored NUT day.  For a donation, students can come to school dressed as a teacher.  All money collected will go towards Make-A-Wish.  There will be no Extended Care Tuesday due to Thanksgiving Break.  All students need to be picked up by 2:50 dismissal.

*11/23-11/27  Thanksgiving Break/No School.

*Upcoming stars:  12/5-12/9  Elliot; 12/12-12/16  Oliver; 1/23-1/27  Maggie; 1/30-2/3  Brooklyn.

*The children are bringing home their SPECIAL placemats today that they made with their 8th grade buddies with the many things they are thankful for illustrated/written on them.  They all did such a nice job on these!  The children can’t wait to use them at home.  Mrs. Salazar even laminated them so they are “spill proof.” 🙂

*Due to a 2 day week, there will be NO newsletter, NO Show & Tell or NO Friday folders going home next week.

*Due to your generosity we will NOT need to have a snack calendar again for December.

*I hope to BEGIN assessing November/December goal sheets the 1st full week of December. The next 3 1/2 weeks are VERY BUSY! Please “bear” with me! 🙂  Don’t forget to keep working on any “old” goals your child may still need to complete.

*As winter approaches, there is always a possibility of school closings or delays.  Please note that St. Rose follows Franklin Community School for cancellations and delays. When delays or cancellations occur, they will be announced on local stations (CBS, ABC and NBC) under ‘Franklin Community Schools’. St. Rose will, also, send out an email through Jupiter. On the morning of, you may call the school office at 738-3451 to verify any delays or cancellations.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks for your generous donations to make our Blessing Basket complete! I’m sure “our” family will be VERY GRATEFUL!

*Thanks in advance for your donations for our upcoming NUT day for Make-A-Wish!

*Thanks for all of the donations that have been coming in to help support the CASA program!  Thanks to Student Council for heading up this service project!




…the sound for “O” (short and long).

…some words that begin with the “O” sound (short and long).

…this week’s story Mama Cat (ask me which character likes to nap).

…”turkey” letter/sound matching game.

…how the Pilgrims traveled to America.

…who were the Pilgrims’ friends when they arrived in America.

…what their new friends taught them.

…using dice with a partner to work on number recognition, counting and adding #’s together.

…going to see Annie with our buddies.

…how we can “fill others buckets” or how we can “spill others buckets.”


 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!