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Math Counts every Monday after school until 4 pm. Students can wear their shirts with uniform pants.

  • Practice will be cancelled Monday, Nov. 28.
  • Donations of snacks are appreciated!

NUT day on Nov. 22 for a donation to the Make a Wish foundation!

Please check The Roar for important information next week.


*The MS Blessing Baskets are still in need of several items. Please see the teachers or links to see what items are still available. Please send the items in by the end of the week, as the baskets are due to be delivered this weekend.


This week:

7th math: We will begin to discuss ratios and unit rates. Students will also check for proportionality.

7th Prealgebra: Students will solve special solution equations and write equations and inequalities for word problems.

8th Prealgebra: We are solving algebraic proportions this week and will look at literal equations.

Algebra: We will focus on slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines, graphing horizontal and vertical lines, and solving systems of equations by graphing.

6th science: We are starting our new unit on interactions of living things. This unit includes a project, which will focus on biomes, food chains, and food webs. We will discuss the project soon.

7th science: We are discussing continental drift and plate tectonics this week. We will also review how to write a hypothesis. This is review that will help us prepare for our 2nd semester inquiry project.

8th science: We are starting our unit on evolution and natural selection this week. We will talk about types of adaptations and the role they play in natural selection, as well as the parts of natural selection.