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RELIGION  We will finish up Chapter 5 this week.  We will not test until after we complete Chapter 6.  Chapter 6 we will be talking about the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Healing. Keep watching for updates on when we will have the test. Won’t be until after Thanksgiving break.

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  This is blue pants and white shirts for the boys.  Plaid skirt or jumper with a white shirt for the girls!  (Girls will be able to wear pants for Mass Uniform starting in November.)

 SPELLING This week our words have the /ur/ sound (turn, first, herd) Our tests will be Wednesday and Friday.  Below is the list of spelling words.  I am only sending the one list this week.  We will be doing some things for Thanksgiving next week, with no spelling test.  I will send the next 3 weeks of words home AFTER Thanksgiving Break.  Here is the link to this week’s words-


READING  We will be reading “Sand Dunes” this week.  We will work on vocabulary,Cause and Effect, Using the Library, and multiple-meaning words.  Test will be Friday.

GRAMMAR We will work on Past Tense Verbs, Commas, and proofreading in Grammar. In Vocabulary, we will work on Adverbs.  

MATH   We will finish up the first chapter of Multiplication this week.  I would like to have a test over this chapter on Wednesday. In Chapter 5 we will continue to work on multiplying by 3, 6, 7, and problem solving with multiplying.  

Be sure to keep working on the MULTIPLICATION SUNDAE facts with your child!  We have several children that have earned their bowls and a few ice cream scoops!  One student is very close to earning the chocolate syrup!  Remember, the parents/grandparents need to sign the slip when they are ready to turn it in!  Your child can turn in 2 slips at a time!

SCIENCE – We will start up with Science when we return from Thanksgiving Break.

SOCIAL STUDIES   We got behind a little on our chapter last week, so I am hoping to finish up by the end of the week. Planning on a test on Friday, since we will be gone most of Thursday afternoon.  Keep watching for updates and test hints! 


**EXTENDED CARE – There will be NO EXTENDED CARE after school on Tuesday, November 22.  This is our last day before we get out for Thanksgiving Break!  Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up at regular dismissal time!

**Don’t forget to sign up at SIGN UP GENIUS for items to be donated to our Blessing Basket. Our Family has a mom, dad, and two boys, ages 5 and 7.  Here is the link to sign up..


**This Thursday is our Field Trip to Roncalli for their theater production of “Annie.”  I will not be at school on this day, but Mrs. Hudson (Brooklyn’s Mom – 4th grade) will be subbing for me for the morning.  For the field trip, I have four parents driving the students.  Mrs. Tieken will be in charge of the 3rd grade students and parents, and will be making sure everyone gets where they need to be.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

**PE NOTE – On the days that we change for PE (Thursday and Friday) the students will need to be sure and have pants to put on for dismissal. This could be just a pair of sweats/pajama pants/etc. or their uniform pants.  As we get into the colder months, I do not want them walking out to the cars in shorts.  We have been lucky so far with our weather, but it won’t last forever I am afraid!  🙂

**We will serve the traditional Thanksgiving feast on Monday November 21. If you would like to help serve this lunch please send an email to – [email protected] The time commitment would be 10:00 until the dishes are done.

**STUDENT COUNCIL -The Council is sponsoring a collection of clothing items to benefit the children in the Johnson County CASA program. The donation period will be from November 14 through December 2. Items requested are hats, mittens, and scarves for children, and for babies they need the following: bottles, pacifiers, and rattles. The SRS Student Council is also sponsoring a NUT day to benefit Make a Wish. This will be Tuesday, November 22.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  – PE

Tuesday  –   MUSIC

Wednesday  –  LIBRARY


Friday  ART and PE