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The Lion Cubs have had a good week!  They are starting to enjoy playing together.   They are very imaginative in their play, which is very fun to watch.

We are singing the days of the week, months of the year and talking about the seasons and the weather every day.  We pray every day and they often pray for you!

They really love art class on Monday with Miss Sargent and now that Mrs. Snedegar is helping us on Mondays and Wednesdays, she can help with all the gluing and cool crafts!

We will still be reviewing circles, squares and triangles this week as well as adding the rectangle to the mix.  We are talking about Thanksgiving and this week we even made a triangle teepee!  If you haven’t seen it yet, that’s because it needed a little more time to dry!

Our school will be having a Thanksgiving feast on Monday, Nov. 21.  If you think your child would like to try it, it will be an awesome hot lunch that day!  If you don’t think they will eat it, you may pack a sack lunch.  It will be different for them because the whole school eats lunch together that day.  Hopefully they will enjoy it and try some new foods!

Thanks to all of you that have sent in snacks!  The kids really enjoy them and we have been having plenty. Thanks so much!

Just an FYI:  There is no school on Wed. Nov. 23, Thursday, Nov. 24 and Fri. Nov. 25 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

God Bless!

Mrs. Langferman