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         A Prayer for Veterans Day

                              (Author Unknown)

Father, we could never thank our military men and women enough for their courageous service and sacrifice to our country and its people. Yet today we lift up our voices to express gratefulness and honor to these military troops both from the past and present. Show us ways in our communities, churches, and families to thank and love them better. Keep and protect these heroes and their families, in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.


Our Special Sweet Potato Pie

This week’s story was a fantasy.  As the children listened to the story, Our Special Sweet Potato Pie, they realized that not only was this story make believe, but also the events in the story could NOT really happen. This gave us a chance to discuss the difference between a fantasy and a fiction story. We worked on making inferences in this week’s story as well.  We thought the pages in our reading workbooks were too easy so we did some extra activity cards to practice.  The children did a great job making inferences! 🙂  The letter sound we focused on this week was “C.” At this level “C” and “K” can be very confusing since they sound alike, but the children did a great job coming up with a list of “C” words for our predictable chart. We even talked about the 2 sounds for “C” (hard & soft). See if your child can tell you when a “C” makes an “S” (soft) sound. The popcorn word for the week was “have.” I continue to be pleased with the progress the children are making  throughout our reading series this year! Please be sure they are reading the “mini sight word” books to you when they bring them home as well as going through their reading activity books once we’ve completed them here at school (one is coming home in today’s Friday folder). It’s very important that the children practice reading to you and the mini books are a great way to reinforce what we are learning here at school. Often times children try to read books that they are not quite ready for and then they become easily frustrated. It’s still very early in the year and we will continue to work on high frequency words (popcorn words) and blending sounds together to read more words. We want to set the children up to SUCCEED!  The children will get a new list of “popcorn words” in a couple of weeks.  When we return from Christmas break, we will begin working more on “sound spelling” and putting words together to make simple sentences.



Brady was our STAR student this week!  He was born on November 9, 2010.  Brady was excited that his mom cut out his poster board in the shape of a “B” for Brady!  The “B” had lots of pictures of Brady, his family and things he likes to do.  Brady also had a smaller poster with pictures of him and his best buddy & twin brother, Bristol!  I loved the picture of the boys snuggled up together in their special newborn blankets, but the rest of the class thought the picture of Brady with cake all over his face was the best. 🙂  The boys each got their own cake for their 1st birthday, but that wasn’t enough for Brady.  He wanted more so he tried to steal Bristol’s cake.  As all brothers do, I’m sure the boys have “their moments,” but they sure look out for each other.  It’s evident the strong bond the boys have and how much they love and care for each other!  Brady loves to be silly whether he is poking at his big brother, Levi, when he’s sleeping or whether he’s trying to take a ride in a “mop bucket” because he thinks it’s a car.  🙂  He’s always smiling and having a good time!  Brady is a Tom Brady fan, he likes to swim and walk his dog, Daisy.  Brady said he enjoys watching football with his dad, taking naps with his mom, wrestling with Levi and playing on the play station with Bristol.  Brady’s favorite color is red.  Thanks for sharing, Brady!


The next goal sheet will be for November AND December.  As we begin preparing for the holidays, times not only get busy outside of school, but AT school as well.  Below you will find the new goals (please note the challenges). Please remember that I do other “skill testing” and assessments over the material we are covering in class, but these are the goals that I would like for you to work with your child on at home to help reinforce what we are learning at school.   Please be sure to work on the below goals with your child at least 2-3 times a week as well as any other goals your child has not yet completed.  13 students have completed their October goals and some are very close! 🙂  If you would like for your child to do the challenges, please note this in the comment section of the Friday folder or send me a quick e-mail.  Please be sure you work on the challenges at home if you would like for your child to attempt them when I assess the November/December goals in December.

1.      I can recognize all upper AND lower case D’Nealian letters           (letter recognition only, NOT sound at this time; see                         letters in folder for practice).

2.      I can count to 60, by 1’s & 10’s  (challenge:   count by 2’s & 5’s          to 60).

3.      I can recognize #’s 1-20 in random order (challenge:                        recognize #’s to 30).

4.      I can read 8 color words: red, blue, green, yellow, orange,                purple, brown & black  (challenge: white, gray & pink).

5.     I can say The Pledge of Allegiance.

         I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United

        States of America, and to the republic for

        which it stands, one nation, under God,

        indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

**Upcoming/Mark your calendars:  Our annual Christmas program for grades K-5 will be on December 15th at 7:00 p.m.  Our Christmas party will be on December 21st from 12-1 with early dismissal at 1.  We are still in need of a game for our party and someone to donate napkins.  Please let me know if you can help.**


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Thanks to all who have already signed up and/or have contributed to our Thanksgiving Blessing Basket.  There are still a couple items available if you’d like to sign up, but haven’t had a chance yet.  Please click on the following link to sign up:   www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C094CA8AD2AA4FF2-kindergarten2.    There are 2 laundry baskets outside of our classroom to put these items in.  Please be sure to have all Blessing Basket items to school NO LATER than Friday, November 18th.  If you need to put your items in the school kitchen’s refrigerator, please remember to mark it KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL BLESSING BASKET (Family #9) since the Religious Education Kindergarten class is also preparing a basket.   Refrigerator space is limited so please wait until 1-2 days before the due date for “cold” items.  All other items can be placed in the laundry baskets outside of our classroom. Other items such as gift cards, laundry detergent, hats, mittens, coloring books, small toys and games are also accepted for the family.  The size of our family is a family of 5:  Mom, Dad, 2 boys (ages 1 & 3) and 1 girl (age 5).  Please keep this in mind when you are buying items for our basket.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND GENEROSITY! (NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL.) We are truly BLESSED here at St. Rose!


*11/12  Mass @ 4:30.  All are welcome!

*11/13  Mass @ 8 and 11 (Includes Liturgy of the Word).  All are welcome!  Christmas Greenery orders are due in the Parish office or Religious Ed. office.

*11/17  Field trip with 8th grade buddies to Roncalli to see Annie (free field trip).  A Roncalli bus will pick us up shortly after lunch and we will return by dismissal.  The children are to wear their mass uniforms.  We are looking forward to this special afternoon with our buddies.  Thanks for returning the permission slips!


*11/19 PRIDE’S Holiday Market 4-8 p.m.

*11/21   We will have our “school family” Thanksgiving feast.  If you would like to help serve this lunch please send an email to [email protected] The time commitment would be 10:00 until the dishes are done. 🙂  Thanks in advance for your help with this special meal!

*11/22  Student Council Sponsored NUT day for a donation to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

*11/23-25  NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

*St. Rose Student Council is sponsoring a collection of clothing items to benefit the foster children in the Johnson County CASA program. The donation period will be from November 14 through December 2.  The items requested for children are hats, mittens, and scarves.  The items requested for babies are bottles, pacifiers, and rattles.  These items will be given to the children at their Christmas Breakfast.

*Fall mornings can be pretty cool, especially when we go outside for recess at 10:30.  Please be sure your child wears a jacket or a sweatshirt to school now that fall has arrived.  It’s also a good idea to keep a St. Rose uniform sweatshirt or navy/white sweater in your child’s backpack in case they get cold throughout the day.  Be sure to write your child’s name on the inside tag.  Our lost and found has been growing so this helps us to locate the owner.  We will be going outside all winter long as long as the temperature does not fall below 25 degrees so it’s a good idea that the students are prepared for colder temperatures (coats, hats, gloves) as we move into the colder months.

*As winter approaches, there is always a possibility of school closings or delays.  Please note that St. Rose follows Franklin Community School for cancellations and delays. When delays or cancellations occur, they will be announced on local stations (CBS, ABC and NBC) under ‘Franklin Community Schools’. St. Rose will, also, send out an email through Jupiter. On the morning of, you may call the school office at 317-738-3451 to verify any delays or cancellations.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks to all who have already signed up to help out with our annual Blessing Basket!  Thanks for the items that have already been donated!

*Thanks to Mrs. Salazar for subbing on Tuesday!

*Thanks to Mrs. Dinkel and the 3rd grade class for planning our Veterans Day mass!

*A SPECIAL THANKS to the Veterans that attended mass today!




…what sound “C” makes and some words that begin with this sound.

…what 2 vowels can make a “C” sound like an “S” if they are right next to a “C” in a word (here are a couple of words that show us that:  Celia & city).

…what events in the story Our Sweet Potatoe Pie helped us realize it was a fantasy.

…making inferences (Example:  Stacy’s mom made 12 cookies for her birthday.  There were only 5 left.  Stacy has a belly ache.  What can we infer?)

…how many bundles of 10 we have to show how many days we’ve been in school.

…what people do on Election Day.

…what does a President do & where does the President live during his term.

…who is our new President.

…what we learned about Veterans & some of the things we are thankful that we are FREE to do because of our Veterans.

…making Thanksgiving placemats with our 8th grade buddies.

…what we learned about Pope Francis.

Have a good weekend!