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The Lion Cubs had fun wearing their costumes on Halloween!  They got treats from the St. Rose Pride and from some of their classmates and a BooGram from Mrs. Langferman, too.

We had a helper on Wednesday.  Mrs. Rachel Snedegar, a parent who is new to our school, will be volunteering in Lion Cubs on Mondays and Wednesday mornings.  Mrs. Snedegar has had experience in a preschool setting and is a great addition to our classroom.  Welcome, Mrs. Snedegar!  We are lucky to have you!

As the weather turns colder, please make sure you pack a warm jacket (and possibly gloves and hat) for recess.  The kids will go outside all fall and winter unless the temperature is colder than 25 degrees.  It would be helpful if they have their names on their coats/sweatshirts, etc.

All the Lion cubs should have a folder in their book bag, marked with their name.  I have noticed lately that some kids don’t have a folder in their bookbag.  When they get to school and hang up their bookbag, could you please ask them to get out their folder and bring it into the classroom?  We will be able to fill their folders with their work and put them back in the book bags at the end of class.

Also make sure that there is a set of extra clothes in a plastic bag.  This allows for them to change in case of accident.  Also the plastic bag gives us something to send their wet clothes in  (just in case!).  Most of the Lion Cubs are doing a great job but every once in a while someone has an accident.

This week we will continue working on shapes.  We have talked about circles, squares and now we will talk about triangles.  We are also going to talk about thankfulness in preparation for Thanksgiving.  The school will have a thanksgiving feast on Monday, Nov. 21.  There will be no school on Wed., Nov. 23.  Please make note of that.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us at St. Rose!

Mrs. Langferman