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Hello Parents,

Sorry for the delay in getting the weekly newsletter out, we had a busy day yesterday.

This week the children are on the letter “Jj” and will need to find something to bring for show-n-tell on Friday that starts with the letter “Jj”.

I am sending home the November Family Fun Pack; hope all of you have a great time with this months art project! Once you are done with your turkey, please send it back in their folder, we will display it in our room to decorate for Thanksgiving!  Your child be able to go to the prize box.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 22nd. Afternoon Extended Care will be closed. All students will need to be picked up after school dismissal (2:30 for preschool) and 2:50pm for grades K-8th.

No school:
Wednesday, November 23rd – Friday, November 25th for Thanksgiving. Can you believe we are already talking turkey? Don’t blink or it will be Christmas!

Please continue to work with your child on writing their alphabet letters (only the ones we have done). Also, recognizing their letters, recognizing their numbers 0-3 and writing their numbers 0-3.

Hope everyone is enjoying this November 1st weather today!
As of 1:30…. 78 degrees! CRAZY!

Mrs. Mace