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Hi, Lion Cub parents!  This is a busy week at school.  We will be celebrating Halloween tomorrow.  The children can wear their costumes to school.  They also need to bring a change of clothes for recess and the rest of the day (if they stay all day).

Tuesday is a Holy Day-the Feast of All Saints.  Mrs. Langferman will be going to 8:30 Mass and Mrs. Simpson will be with the Lion Cubs for the first hour of school.  There will also be a Mass on Thursday as usual.

On Wednesday we will continue our lessons on shapes.  We talked about circles last week and this week we will find squares in our room and we will walk around the school and see if we can find more squares.  We will also be talking about saints in our religion time.

Thanks for entrusting your children to us at St. Rose!  They are growing and blossoming!

Mrs. Langferman