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Homework this week: Reading logs due Friday. Vocabulary list this week: 6th, “Homophones”; 7th, “The Big and Small of It All”; 8th, “A Bit Different.” Vocabulary quizzes on Friday.


Rdg: Finish reading Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, and take notes for each chapter. Quiz on Chap. 9-12 on Wednesday.

Skills for the week: Story elements; describing character traits

LA – Story summary

Math – Fractions are our friends! We will work with ordering fractions, changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, and changing decimals to fractions. As always, students will receive a Study Guide for Wednesdays homework and our quiz will be on Friday. We will continue practicing our facts. Has your child shown you our ‘dance’ we made up to count by sixes? If not, ask him/her! It’s quite a hoot!


LA – Identifying verbs, present and future tense

Blue and Yellow Rdg Grps. – Continue “The Girl Who Owned a City,” Reading Chap. 12 & 13. Quiz Wednesday, Chap. 10-11.

Skills for week: Continue plot diagram for “The Girl Who Owned a City”


Yellow Group LA – Argument essay, rough and final draft.

Blue Rdg Grp LA – Identifying point of view

Blue Rdg Grp – Continue Code Orange, by Caroline Cooney. Ch. 15-16. Quiz on Chap. 14-16 on Thursday.

Yellow Rdg Grp – Pre-reading research for “Escape From Manzanar”

Skills for the week: Identifying central idea