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Happy Feasts of All Saints and All Souls!  Remember that All Saints (Tuesday) is a Holy Day of Obligation.  Each middle school religion class will have an All Saints party during class on Tuesday.

Here is this week’s update for each class…

6th Grade continues the Old Testament historical period of “The Early Fathers.”  For the next few weeks, we will study the beautiful story of Joseph and his forgiveness after his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt.  This story serves as the bridge between the “Early Fathers” section of the Old Testament and the “Slavery in Egypt” section.  Reminder: 6th grade journals are due every Friday.

7th Graders continue to study the three years between the time Jesus began His public ministry and the time He was crucified.  This week the 7th graders continue to learn about Jesus’ followers, especially Mary and the Apostles.

8th Graders are still working their way through “The four marks of the Church: The Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.”  This week they will finish “The Church is Holy.”  8th grade journals are due this Friday.