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Homework this week: Reading logs due Friday. Vocabulary list this week:  6th, words from “Number the Stars”; 7th, “Words From Mythology”; 8th, “Smart–Or Not So Smart.”


Rdg: Continue reading Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, and take notes for each chapter. Quiz on Chap. 5-8 on Wednesday.

Skills for the week: Story elements; point of view

LA – Creating sentences using vocabulary words

Math – factoring numbers, finding least common multiple


LA – Topic sentences

Blue and Yellow Rdg Grps. – Continue “The Girl Who Owned a City,” Reading Chap. 10 & 11.   Quiz Tuesday, Chap. 7-9

Skills for week:   Continue plot diagram for “The Girl Who Owned a City”


Yellow Group LA – Argument essay: topics, thesis, research, pre-writing

Blue Rdg Grp LA – Identifying point of view

Blue Rdg Grp – Continue Code Orange, by Caroline Cooney. Ch. 13-14. Quiz on Chap. 12-13 on Wednesday.

Yellow Rdg Grp – Pre-reading research for “Escape From Manzanar”

Skills for the week: Identifying central idea, supporting arguments