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Upcoming Events:

Math Counts after school Monday until 4 pm. Students should be attempting the problems every week. They have the problems up through November 7th.

Wednesday:   Pink or Purple NUT day for a donation.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

We will NOT be having mass this Thursday.  It will be on Friday (10/28) at 8:30 followed by the living Rosary at 9:30.

Next Monday(10/31) Black/Orange or Halloween shirt NUT day


Here is our week:

7th Math: 2-step equations and inequalities; solving equations with distributive property

7th Prealgebra: one-step equations and inequalities; 2-step equations

8th Prealgebra: solving equations and inequalities with distributive property; story problems for equations and inequalities

Algebra: TEST over systems of equations on Friday; We will begin our graphing of linear functions this week.

6th science: levels of classification-Students should be able to name the 8 levels and explain how organisms are placed in these levels. binomial nomenclature-We will study how organisms are named scientifically and apply the rule for doing so.

7th science: We are finishing up an in- class project over geologic time. We will test over fossils and geologic time next week. Study guides will go home this week.

8th science: We will discuss chemical reactions this week in terms of signs of a reaction, types, and the law of conservation of mass.