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Math Counts on Monday after school until 4 pm

Dismissal at 1 pm on Thursday and Friday. No Extended Care on Friday!

Report Cards go home on Wednesday. Please bring it to your son/daughter’s conference.

1rst Quarter Awards will be given out on Friday. See The Roar for more information.


Here is our week…

7th Math: One step-inequalities and 2-step equations

7th Prealgebra: Parts of expressions and simplifying expressions (like terms and distributive property)

8th Prealgebra: Checking solutions to equations and inequalities, 2 step equations and inequalities, and solving equations with distributive property

Algebra: Solving systems of equations with special solutions and solving story problems with systems of equations

6th science: We will begin our unit on classification and binomial nomenclature. This is an introductory unit that will provide background to our interactions of living things unit. This quarter will include a research project.

7th science: We will compare uniformitarianism and catastrophism. Students will also focus on the geologic time scale this week.

8th science: We will finish up ionic and covalent bonding and begin looking at writing chemical equations. We will also learn about types of chemical reactions.