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Picture Retakes are Monday, October 3! New students, students who were absent, or students who want retakes should have their pictures taken on that day.

Spirit Day is Friday.

Hall passes for extra credit are due by Friday!

Math Counts is on Monday after school until 4 pm. Reminder: If you haven’t turned in t-shirt money, please do so as soon as you can.


Here is what we are doing this week:

7th Math: We will be solving one step equations and inequalities this week. We will test on Friday over theĀ order of operations and expressions. Students need to be able to identify the parts of an expression and simplify them.

7th Prealgebra: We will work on scientific notation this week.

8th Prealgebra: We will begin working on algebraic expressions this week. We will review the parts of an expression and will review how to simplify an expression by combining like terms and applying the distributive property.

Algebra: We are beginningĀ our unit on systems of equations this week. We will work on substitution and linear combination.

6th Science: TEST ON WEDNESDAY! Students have had a study guide since last Friday.

7th Science: We will continue to learn about fossils and the law of superposition this week. We will also begin to look at the geologic time scale.

8th Science: We are working on writing formulas and names for ionic bonds this week. We will begin to look at covalent bonds this week as well.