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We are already at the end of September!  As the weather  turns cooler, please remember to send a sweatshirt or jacket to school with your child.  As long as it is not raining, we will go out to play at recess.

This week we had fun with the color pink.  We read a story about a little girl called “Pinkalicious” who wanted to make pink lemonade.  We drank a pink fruit drink for snack. We made pink polka dot pictures and we also ate popcorn (which was not pink, but started with the letter “p”)!  That was a lot of pink and also letter “p” words!  We are not formally learning the letters at this time, but we are gaining experience with them!  Some lessons are taught and some lessons are “caught”!

Next week we will work with the color brown.  This goes well with our talking about fall. If you find any pretty fall leaves you can send them in with your child in a baggie.

We will talk about angels and your child will be bringing home an angel bookmark.  I let them color them during the morning arrival time.  Some chose to color them and some did not (it was an option), so if you don’t  see any crayon on there, your child was more interested in playing and that’s OK!  Our angel lessons coincide with the feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (Sept. 29) and the Feast of the Guardian Angels (which is usually celebrated on Oct. 2–but due to the fact that this falls on a Sunday this year, it is not on the Liturgical Calendar).  Still, I will be teaching them the Guardian Angel Prayer and I hope you will reinforce that at home.

I hope you received your child’s school pictures.  They should have been in their bookbags this week.  If you did not, or you need a retake, the retake day is Monday, Oct. 3.   Let me know if you need your child’s picture retaken.  If I do not hear from you directly then I will not take them to get their picture retaken.

Make a note that FALL BREAK is Oct. 10-14.  There will be no school on those days.  There are also early dismissals on Thursday, Oct. 21 and Friday, Oct. 22.

I am very happy with the way the children are making friends and playing together.  They are also very attentive at story time.  Please work with them on the Sign of the Cross and folding their hands for prayer.  Also, if you can reinforce the Pledge of Allegiance with them, that would be great!

Thanks for entrusting your children to us!

Mrs. Langferman