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Hello Parents!

** Announcements:

  • Just a heads up that this Friday, September 30th, will be my last day before my maternity leave for the remainder of the school year. Mrs. Karen Weiss will be my maternity sub beginning in October. She can be reached at: [email protected] She will also be taking over my Jupiter account for grades, so if you get a Jupiter email from “me” after that date, it is actually from her. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for anything at all. The weekly homework schedule will stay the same, with occasional projects throughout the year. Please help us in welcoming her when you see her around! ?
  • Parent-Teacher Conference information will go home sometime this week. I will not be at my conferences, but Mrs. Weiss & possibly Mrs. Floyd will be there in my place. I will type up any notes to pass on regarding each student in 6th grade, as well as any concerns/celebrations that I have for any 7th or 8th grade students.

Homework this week:  Vocab homework due Tuesday (see pages for individual grades below), vocab quizzes & reading logs due Friday. Next week will be the cumulative vocab test for this quarter. Each grade will have 5 lists total to study, but no new list next week. All lists should be in in their LA binders. 



Rdg: Continue pre-reading for Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, and begin novel when finished with pre-reading.

Skills for the week: research groups for Holocaust background info

LA – elements of fiction, sentence fragments

Math – Multiplying & dividing decimals. Quiz every Friday.

Vocab list this week: Compound Words, List 5, hw pg. 20 (due Tuesday)



LA – semicolons & commas

Blue Rdg Grp – Continue, The Girl Who Owned a City, by O.T. Nelson. Quiz Ch. 3-4.

Yellow Rdg Group – Continue, The Girl Who Owned a City, by O.T. Nelson. Quiz Ch. 3-4.

Vocab list this week: “How We Act”, hw pg. 38 (due Tuesday)


LA – Argument essay format, topics, research

Blue Rdg Grp – Continue, Code Orange, by Caroline Cooney. Quiz Ch. 8-9.

Yellow Rdg Grp – Continue, Night, by Elie Wiesel. Quiz pgs. 45-80, read Ch. 6-7.

Skills for the week: analyzing text features using textual evidence

Vocab list this week: “Here, There, & Everywhere”, hw pg. 169 (due Tuesday)