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Math Counts on Monday after school until 4 pm. Shirt money is due Tuesday!

7th Math: We are continuing to work on expressions this week. We will continue to work on simplifying them and will add the distributive property this week. We will also review how to solve one-step equations.

7th Prealgebra: We will have a test on Friday over exponent properties. We will also begin looking at scientific notation this week.

8th Prealgebra: We will test over scientific notation (putting in and reversing, ordering with, and multiplying and dividing with) on Friday. We will spend the early part of the week multiplying and dividing with scientific notation.

Algebra: We will have a quiz this week on Friday over equations and inequalities. We will spend the early part of the week reviewing how to right equations and inequalities for word problems.

6th Science: We will wrap up density this week and begin looking at the states of matter. We will discuss properties of each and changes between states. Students will test next week. There will be a study guide.

7th Science: We will begin our unit on fossils and geologic time this week. We will discuss types of fossils and look at examples. Students will explain how they form in sedimentary rock. They will discuss how rock layers are used to determine age.

8th Science: This week, we will discuss characteristics of ionic and covalent bonds and determine when each is present. We will begin to model each, write a chemical formula for each type,and write formulas.