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We made  it through another amazing week in preschool!  Your children are beginning to play WITH their friends, not just beside them!  This is progress!  Sometimes we have a hard time sharing, but we are learning!

The other things we are getting better at are sitting on the rug for prayer, calendar and story.  I sing a song asking if they are sitting “crisscross”, eyes on me, hands in their lap, listening.

We made some purple grape pictures and colored a “purple cow”!  It was a silly poem about a purple cow.  Nursery rhymes and poems are so good for this age.  Even though they sometimes don’t make sense, they help your child develop language skills and memorization.  They also help them with rhyming words and sounds.

Next week we will being talking more about Fall. If you and your child find any interesting leaves this weekend, they may  bring them in a baggie for class next week.

In religion we will be talking about Angels.  We will talk about Guardian Angels.  Isn’t it cool to know that your child has a Guardian Angel watching out for them, unseen but still there!  The feast of Sts. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel is on Thursday and Oct. 2 is the feast of the Guardian Angels.

Our color of the week next week is pink, then the following week will be brown.  We have almost completed our paper chains!  Wait till we finish them and we will be sending them home. 🙂

One more note of importance:  We do have two children with peanut allergies (one is pretty severe) SO, please check the snacks you send in to the classroom that they are not processed in a facility containing peanuts.  Also, if your child has peanut butter before school make sure they wash their hands before coming into the classroom.  Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for sharing your child with us!

Mrs. Langferman