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Please be on the lookout on Jupiter for any missing assignments. Please check out The Roar for all upcoming events.

Math Counts is every Monday until 4 pm. I will need to know next Monday who is in it to compete and who wants a shirt (club members only). I need to register our team and get our shirts ordered ASAP.

7th Math: We will review order of operations and begin looking at expressions. We will look at the parts that make up an expression, such as the constants, coefficients, terms, and like terms. We will also simplify like terms  and apply the distributive property.

7th Prealgebra: We will combine the exponent properties and introduce negative and zero exponents.

8th Prealgebra: We will work with scientific notation: writing to and from, ordering numbers in it, and multiplying and dividing numbers in it.

Algebra: We will solve absolute value equations, literal equations, and radical equations.


6th science: We are working with mass and density this week. We will discuss how these are physical properties and how they describe matter.

7th science: Study guides come home today and are due Tuesday. Test is Friday! We will then begin our unit on fossils and geologic time.

8th science: Our test is Thursday! Students have their study guides and we went over the answers today. We will then begin our unit on chemical bonding.