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Week of September 19-23

Religion- This week we are wrapping up our study of types of prayer. We will have a quiz Wednesday.   Students have notes that can be used as a study guide.  If your child studies these notes every evening they should have no worries come quiz time. We will then move on to study the Mass.

Science- Students should already have a good grasp on the vocabulary for vertebrates and invertebrates as we have been working with it in-depth for the past two weeks.  We will have a quiz over vocabulary tomorrow. This week we will use paper for stem. All materials will be supplied. We will have our first written review over material we have read next Tuesday September 27th.   Questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]  or I invite you to call me at home, my number is in your child’s planner.

Social Studies-Please look for the Indian Studies Weekly. Our new subject is physical and natural regions of Indiana. We will also study the geography of Indiana, the landmass of Pangea and tectonic plates. Students will be introduced to longitude and latitude by locating Illinois on a globe. We will also learn was our neighboring states are. Please study highlighted material nightly so they have no worries come quiz time

Math- We are finishing Chapter 2 on Monday, and will be reviewing the entire chapter tomorrow and Wednesday. Our test over Chapter 2 will be on Thursday. Please check student planners for daily assignments.   We will be doing Extra Practice sets from page 45, as well.

Reading- Adding to character traits, using the main characters from our novel Frindle we will learn about plot diagrams. Look for and study vocabulary words. They help with comprehension.

English-We are struggling with identifying the subject of a sentence. We will continue to work on this until it is second nature to us.   The students need to answer the question who or what is the sentence about to find the subject. Please help them practice this skill.

Extra Extra

  • Monday: Art & Library
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass   P.E.
  • Friday: Library

Down the Road

  • Monday, October 3- Picture Retake Day
  • Monday, October 10- Friday, October 14- No School- Fall Break
  • Wednesday, October 19- Friday, October 21- Parent Teacher Conferences