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I will be making a college visit with my youngest on Monday (hard to believe he is already a senior!!).  Mrs. Weiss will be my sub.  Please pray for Neil and the rest of my family as he makes the college decision and we prepare to transition into the next phase!

Please pray for all of the Saint Rose students, staff, and families as we continue to strive for PEACE during the month of September.  Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and an increase in all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Here is this week’s update for each class…

6th Grade will continue the unit on “God’s Love and Mercy,” and will cover the stories of Cain and Abel, the Tower of Babel, and Noah’s Ark.  We will also discuss the many ways that God shows us mercy in our lives today.  Reminder: 6th Grade journals are due every Friday.

7th Grade will finish a study of the time and place in which Jesus lived, probably ending with a quiz on Wednesday.  After that we will begin a section on the childhood of Jesus, based on the infancy narratives at the beginning of Matthew and Luke’s Gospels.  Reminder: 7th Grade journals are due this Friday.

8th Grade completed a chapter on “The Church as a People of Prayer” last week, and will continue into and “The Church as a People of Service” this week.  We will emphasize the fact that both of those two aspects of Church (and of the individual Christian) are essential and are very much tied together.  Without prayer, our service is likely to be less productive and less joyful; without service, our prayer can become self-centered and feeble. This week, we will focus on the call of each Christian to service of others through living out the Beatitudes and the Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy.  At the end of the chapter on service, we will have a combined quiz over the prayer and service chapters.