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As a school, we are focusing on the Fruits of the Spirit as part of our theme this year.  Each month we have a different fruit that we are trying to emphasize and to work on together.  During September, we are especially focusing on PEACE.  In Religion class we are really working on finding inner peace during our prayers at the beginning of class, and making an effort to let that peace flow out into the rest of our days.

Here is this week’s update for each class…

6th Grade will have a review on Monday and a quiz on Tuesday.  After that, we will begin a unit titled, “God’s Love and Mercy.”  This chapter will show God’s kindness and mercy in the midst of the troubled world of the Old Testament, as we explore the stories of Original Sin, Cain and Abel, the Tower of Babel, and Noah’s Ark.  We will also discuss the many ways that God shows us mercy in our lives today.  Reminder: 6th Grade journals are due every Friday.

7th Grade will begin a study of the time and place in which Jesus lived.  This is a very interesting unit as we explore some of the many fascinating customs of Jewish Palestine around the time Jesus was born.

In the next couple of weeks, 8th Grade will be studying the Church dual roles as “A People of Prayer” and “A People of Service.”  Each of us is called to balance the imitation of both “Mary” and “Martha” in our own lives, as both are essential to living a vibrant life as a Christian.  We will study various types of prayer, as well as the reasons for prayer.  We will also discuss the call of each Christian to service of others through living out the Beatitudes and the Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy.  Reminder: 8th Grade journals are due this Friday.