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Math Counts every Monday until 4:00!


Here is what we are doing this week:

7th Math: We will look at prime factorization and scientific notation this week. This will finish up our unit on numbers. Students will have a quiz on Friday over rational and irrational numbers, ordering numbers, prime factorization, and scientific notation. Instead of having a study guide, I will allow them to use their notes. I would like them to see the importance of using notes to do homework and we will look at strategies for applying problems in their notes to different problems in order to prepare for Friday’s quiz.

7th Prealgebra: We are beginning properties of exponents this week, which takes us into 8th grade math. We will detour back to 7th grade content here and there.

8th Prealgebra: We are working with negative exponents and exponents of zero. We will be applying the properties of exponents from last week. I have taught the students the properties, which are not shortcuts, but I have also taught them the “longer” way to work out these problems. Both methods are fine and I have encouraged them to solve whichever way they are comfortable with. While confusing at times, students by now should be able to solve problems using these properties.*Exponent property quiz on Friday. This will include what we learn this week.

Algebra: After preassessing, the students show a good handle on what we learned last year for equations and inequalities. We will begin compound inequalities and absolute value equations this week. *Quiz over exponent properties on Friday. Some older material may also appear.

6th Science: We are beginning a unit on matter and states of matter this week. We will continue to review the scientific method as we move throughout the unit. This is Unit 2 in their textbook. Students can get a head start by reading through this unit/chapter in their textbook.

7th Science: We will reinforce what we have learned about igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks by discussing the rock cycle this week. Students will also do a small research project on a rock. They will start this in class on Tuesday. They will have some more time in class to work on it, but they may have to finish up at home at some point.

8th Science: Projects are due Thursday! If anyone needs to stay after for Internet use, I can stay until 4:00 on Monday (already will be there for Math Counts) and Tuesday. We are wrapping up our atoms and periodic table unit. We really should be ready to test by Friday, but I don’t want to test and have a project due at the end of the week, so we will test next Tuesday. Study guides will be worked on this Tuesday and are due Wednesday.