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It was a short week at school!  Some of our Lion Cubs were just here one day!  We talked about things that were GREEN and made turtles with green paper and paper plates.  We read about Sea Turtles and Frogs.

The children are getting used to the routines and enjoying their new friends.  They love listening to and looking at the books in our room.  We have crayons and blank paper out almost every morning so they can make their own creations.  I am sure you have been seeing many of these beautiful drawings in their folders.  They are working on their prewriting skills and how to properly hold a crayon.  I also write their names on their papers and go over the letters with them so they learn how to spell and eventually how to write their names.

Next week we will talk about the color ORANGE.  We will also continue with Bible Stories in religion.  We have already read the story of Creation and Noah and the flood.  This week we will review Noah and the flood.  Our song is “Rise and Shine”.  They also have been singing “Who made the world? God did!”

This weekend is the St. Rose Festival.  There will be food and fun for all–especially kid’s games for the little ones!  Stop by with your preschooler!  They might even see some of their new friends at the festival!

One item of importance:  Mrs. Kathleen Prechtel, our cafeteria manager, sent out letters last Friday about the lunch accounts.  If you did not get one, please let the office know.  This letter enables you to set up an online account for lunch payments.

Also, our school will be having a trash bag sale soon.  This might not sound exciting but these trash bags are a good value for the money–they are the best trash bags I’ve ever used!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at school.  The best way is email, but if you would like to talk to me you can catch me before school in the Lion Cubs room at drop off or after school by appointment.  Thanks so much!  I am really glad to have your child in my class!

God bless!

Mrs. Langferman