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If anyone in grades 7 or 8 is interested in a STEM forum to learn more about careers, there is an event taking place in the Greenwood area on October 6 from 5:30-8:30. The web site is below. A parent from Cummins recommended it and said it looks very interactive and interesting!



Here is what is happening in MS math and science this week:

7th math: We are reviewing types of numbers (rational and irrational numbers) and working on comparing and ordering them. Students will review order of operations and will also look at adding subtracting positive and negative decimal numbers.

7th Prealgebra: Same as 7th math, but we will also convert repeating decimals fractions. We are still covering what they need to know for 7th math, but soon we will begin a unit that is 8th prealgebra focused.

8th Prealgebra: We are working on properties of exponents. Last week, we introduced each property individually. This week, we need to combine the properties and start working towards more complex problems. I also need to introduce negative exponents and exponent of zero this week.  As a whole group of 8th grade on Thursday, we will work with pyramids.

Algebra: We are finishing up our exponent review and once I am sure they are ready to move on, I am going to assess where they are with equations and inequalities to see where we need to start in our unit of equations and inequalities. As a whole group on Thursday, we will work with pyramids.


6th science: Last week, our science time was interrupted several times. We were slowly working on learning about writing scientific procedures. This week, we need to look at analyzing data and creating data tables. We will analyze data together, create a data table together, and the students will prepare for a lab by writing a procedure and creating a data table for the lab. We will then move into our next unit next week (hopefully) over matter, which will teach students about mass, volume, and states of matter. In this unit, they will acquire more lab skills that will let them apply the scientific method that we have been focusing on.

7th science: We will finish talking about metamorphic rock and then start looking at rock samples. Students will compare characteristics of the rocks. We will then move on to the rock cycle. A test is coming very soon!

8th science: We are learning how to make Bohr diagrams and Lewis dot structures this week, so we learn about valence electrons and reinforce how periods and groups of elements share common properties. We will do some wrap-up activities and will be ready to test next week. Element projects are due next week on September 15!