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Thanks for stopping by to read our weekly blog.  It’s hard to believe we are winding down the month of August!  Please note there is NO school on Monday, Sept 5th.  Enjoy your Labor Day!

Many of you may already be aware that Mrs. Floyd’s father passed away late last week.  The entire school will say a rosary on Tuesday morning for the repose of his soul.  Please make sure your child has a rosary.  Thanks.


9/1 Sister Loretta will visit St. Rose after mass to talk about her mission work

9/2 Spirit Day – Students may come to school out of uniform dressed in blue/gold or St. Rose gear

9/5 Labor Day

9/9-9/10  FESTIVAL

*Check the Google Calendar on the front page of our school’s website!


Chapter 1:God’s Wonderful Creation

God is the Creator of all Life

Genesis 1:1-31

Our Church teaches the Blessed Trinity is the mystery of one God in Three Divine Persons. Though the work of the Creation is attributed to God the Father, and the work of Salvation to God the Son, the work of Sanctification to God the Holy Spirit, all Three Divine Persons always act together in everything that God does.



Continue with Chapter One

1.5 Place Value Through Thousandths (decimal values!)

1.6 Problem-Solving Strategy: Find a Pattern

1.7 Compare, Order and Round Decimals

End of Chapter One—watch for test next week!


Social Studies– 

Chapter 1: Lesson 3 Climate and Vegetation Regions

The USA can be divided into regions based on 11 different climate regions.  There is plant life that grows naturally in the various parts of our country. Learning about climate and natural vegetation will help us understand why people live differently in different parts of the country.

Reading- Forests of the World

A nonfiction article about how we are geographically related around the world.   We will compare and contrast using signal words like both, alike, similar, difference, however

5 vocabulary words: quest, settings, reduce, buffet, major

Vocabulary for Achievement:  Lesson 3 Quiz on FRIDAY!

Spelling:  Ask your child to give you information about how spelling works.  Final test is on Friday and all students have a list in their binder.


Science- From the desk of Mrs. Tieken

We have begun our study of food chains.  Students should already have a good grasp on the vocabulary as we have been working with it in-depth for the past two weeks.  The chapter test will be Thursday September 8th unless otherwise communicated.  If your student studies vocabulary, highlighted materials, and their handwritten notes every evening they should have no  worries come test time. This week’s STEM activity materials will include Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, pom poms, and yardsticks.  All of the materials will be supplied.  Occasionally the students will need to provide materials.  When this happens there will be a two week notice.  Currently we could use old and ready to throw away cds or dvds. If you have any please send them our way. Questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]  or I invite you to call me at home.  My number is in your child’s student planner.  




Monday:  Computer Lab 11:00-11:45; Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Art 2:00-2:45

Friday:  Band 10:15-11, PE 1:15-2:00