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The Lion Cubs are starting to get used to coming to school.   Now that some of that initial crying has stopped, we will be joining the rest of the school on Monday mornings in the PLC for morning assembly.  This is where we have our prayer and announcements and pledge of allegiance as a school.  So next week on Monday, please bring your child into the PLC by 8 a.m. and we will be there!  After morning assembly, we will walk down to our hallway, hang up our book bags and go to art.  Miss Sargent is our awesome art teacher and she has been doing art in our classroom the first few weeks, just to get everyone used to it.   (While Miss Sargent is teaching art, Mrs. Langferman will teach music to the Kindergarten Bound preschool students in the library).

Thanks to Grace and Liam for bringing in Goldfish crackers for snack!  Lion cubs love goldfish!  🙂

If you are one of our parents who picks up at 11 a.m., please note that we have moved the pick-up spot to the west door.  This is to help our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders to get to outside recess in a safe and timely manner.  We do appreciate how all the parents have been very careful of driving in the school lot…especially at these times!  We want to keep all the kids safe, so thanks so much!!!

We are singing our days of the week when we do our class calendar.  We sing about the weather and count the days of the month.  Blue was the color of the week.  We will talk about Yellow next week and find things in the room that are yellow.  We have enjoyed lacing cards (small motor skills) and puzzles (problem solving, memory), chalk and chalkboards (practicing the first letter in our names), our journals (coloring with blue crayon), small manipulatives (sorting, creating, counting).  We have also heard the stories of “The Little Engine that Could” and “The Kissing Hand”.  You might ask your child if they remember these stories.  If you get a chance, check them out at the library and read them again.

As your children become more comfortable with school, I have noticed several of them “testing” their limits.  This is normal and I will be working with them to build up good behavior and extinguish the unacceptable behavior.  You may receive an email from me if I need a little more support from you.  Consequences for behavior usually include time-out in our room, missing a few minutes of recess, or if extreme—calling the parents.  We have not gone to option 2 or 3 but I expect this next week we might.

Thank you so much for entrusting your children to us at St. Rose!  This is a wonderful class and I know it will be a great year!

Mrs. Langferman