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I’ve been busy doing some one-on-one assessments with the children over the past week or so to get a feel for where they are and to help guide my instruction.  A few students were hesitant to tell me what they know and some were unsure of some of the information I was asking them about.  I’m sure once we review some of the material they learned in pre-school or once they get to know me better they will share more of what they really know.  Please know that the children are NOT expected to know all of their letter sounds or #’s to 30 when they enter Kindergarten, but this gives me an idea of what they may already know.  Some of the children were pretty confident on several (if not all) of the letter sounds and numbers.  WOW!  If your child was unable to recognize most of their upper/lower case letters, please be sure you working on this at home.  Although our reading series introduces one letter sound a week, we work on all of the letter sounds on a daily basis throughout many different activities.  You will find information regarding these assessments in your child’s Friday folder this week. These are for you to keep.  I look forward to watching your children progress throughout the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. We are off to a good start, but have lots of work to do as we prepare for 1st grade!  As I tell the children, we all have to work together:  “I CAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN!”


As I discussed at “Back To School Night,” each month the Kindergartners will have a set of goals to be working on (“GOAL SHEET”) at home.   Although the Kindergartners do not bring home “homework” every evening, I EXPECT them to be working on their monthly goals on a regular basis as well as reading every night (someone reading to them) and practicing their “popcorn words.”  It is important that you reinforce these goals at home with your child.  I realize that tying shoes can be very difficult for some, but the more practice they get the better.  It is not unusual for some children to struggle with this goal for a while, but as you can imagine, if we spent all day tying shoes for 16 children we wouldn’t get much done.  🙂 If your child does not have “tie” shoes you can use a “tie” book for them to practice on (Scholastic Book Clubs usually offer these.).   Sometimes using 2 different color shoestrings can be helpful too.  If you feel like your child is struggling with a particular goal, please let me know and we can try to find a way to help your child be successful. Your child will bring home their goal sheet once it is completed.   If they do not get their goal sheet the 1st time I assess them, I will send home a “goal sheet update form” to let you know which goals they have completed so far and which ones they may still need to work on.  If your child does not bring home their goal sheet as early as you would expect them to, it may simply be because I have not had a chance to assess them yet.  Please be reminded that it takes time to assess 16 children on an individual basis on these skills.  I will BEGIN assessing around the 3rd week of September.  If I notice your child is struggling with a particular goal you will be notified, otherwise they will bring home their goal sheet once I have had time to assess them on each of the following goals.  The September goals are as follows:

  1. I can recognize my name (first name ONLY at this time; not nickname).
  2. I know my address (house number & street).
  3. I know my phone number including area code.
  4. I know my birthday (month/day).
  5. I can zip.
  6. I can tie my shoes.
  7. I can button.

**Each year I have a few children that like/need an “added challenge.” The September challenges are :  City, State & zip code with address  and year with birthday.  If you would like your child to do the challenges, please be sure to make a note in the comment section of the Friday folder or you can send me a quick e-mail.   The challenges are NOT mandatory, but please be sure you are practicing them if you marked that you want your child to do the challenges.**


This week we started our reading series in Kindergarten. The children were EXCITED when I showed them all of our BIG books we’d be reading and when I gave them their 1st reading workbook to use.   We are looking forward to exploring our BIG books and workbooks together. This week we read Animals in the Park and found out that the animal statues “come to life” at night. We discussed how this story was a fantasy and not real because we know statues can’t really come to life. We also talked about the many characters as we read about a different animal for every letter of the alphabet. I was amazed at how well many of the children were able to identify the meaning of several words we came across that I wasn’t sure if they would be familiar with. WOW! KUDOS to you parents!  It’s evident that you are reading to your children at home.  Keep reading!  We also learned our first two “popcorn words” (high frequency words/sight words) this week: I & Jesus. The kids were once again very EXCITED as they started noticing these words popping up in our morning message and in several of our classroom books. We will keep our reading workbooks at school until we finish a unit and then the children will bring it home so they can show you what they’ve been learning. Hopefully they’ve shared some of this information with you already!  You will find our first list of popcorn words in your child’s Friday folder today.


Your child will be bringing home two different Scholastic Book Orders this week. The orders are due NO LATER than Monday, August 29th. There is NO obligation to order. However, the more orders we have, the more points we build up to get free materials for our classroom.  PLEASE send a check (NO CASH PLEASE) in an ENVELOPE by the due date. Please do NOT make your checks out to St. Rose. Your check should be made out to Scholastic Book Clubs. If you order from more than one book club, you ONLY need to write ONE check. If you ever need me to keep your order a surprise (gift), please just note this on the outside of the envelope and I will contact you when I receive the order. You may also order on-line by logging on to www.scholastic.com (click on Reading Clubs) and enter my code GVL8B.


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I’m in the beginning stages of planning our fall field trip to Apple Works in Trafalgar.   This field trip will probably be in late October (this is when the bees aren’t as bad).  I will let you know as soon as I have the date set. You MUST have your “Safe and Sacred” training completed and a background check on file to attend field trips.  The link to the program is the following:  https://safeandsacred-archindy.org/login/index.php.  Towards the end of the program, it will allow you to forward your completion certificate to Mrs. Floyd electronically. Please use [email protected] or print off a copy of the certificate and send it in to the office.  This will allow Mrs. Floyd to keep records of certified chaperones and volunteers. You will also need to complete a background check every five years. The cost is $10 payable to St. Rose. (When first completing Safe and Sacred, you will be given the choice of completing the background check at the same time.)  As much as we love the little ones, we do NOT allow siblings to attend the field trips in Kindergarten because we need all of your attention on our “little ones” so please be sure to make other arrangements for siblings if you plan on attending once I have the date set.  Stay tuned…I hope to have the date in the next week or two so you can mark your calendars.


*9/27  Mass at 4:30 p.m.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

*9/28  Mass at 8:00 & 11 a.m. (11 includes Children’s Liturgy of the Word)  ALL ARE WELCOME!

*9/2  Spirit Day (Students do NOT have to wear their school uniform on Spirit Day as long as they are wearing our school colors blue/gold or some of our St. Rose spirit wear.)

*9/5  Labor Day/No School

*September snack calendar is in this week’s Friday folder.

*Be sure to mark your calendar for September 9 & 10 for the St. Rose Parish festival.  Be sure to stop in the atrium and “pick a stick.”  We are in need of donations for the festival and this is an easy way for you to help out!

*Please return book orders and “September Goal Sheet” information sheet (see Friday folder) by Monday.

*Library books are due every Friday.  We will be having a special visitor from the Franklin library next Wednesday as they begin their “library card application drive and library stars program.”  Please look for information to come home next week.  This is a great program and a great way to get your children to enjoy reading!  Last year St. Rose Kindergarten students had the highest percentage of students in the Franklin Community with library cards.  Let’s see if we can do that again this year! 🙂

*Please be sure your child has his/her Show & Tell on their assigned day each week. The children have been doing a really nice job speaking about their show & tell items.  Your child is expected to bring their show & tell each week so please help your child to remember his/her ASSIGNED DAY EVERY WEEK (listed below). Your child’s show & tell day will be the SAME day EVERY week:

*Tuesday:  Kiaya, Elliot, Isabell & Aidan

*Wednesday:  Linden, Alex, Oliver &  Marshall

*Thursday:  Maggie, Teddy, Brady & Bristol

*Friday:  Hadley, Roman, Malia and Brooklyn

*Please be sure to visit our website at www.stroselions.net often to keep up on all of the happenings at St. Rose.  My Weekly Newsletter will be posted there every FRIDAY.  Please click the “blog” link and then click on Kindergarten Blog.  Communication is key so please be sure to read the Kindergarten Newsletter every Friday and Mrs. Floyd’s weekly Roar every Monday.


*A special thanks to Mrs. Goins for agreeing to be our room mom to help coordinate our 3 holiday parties this year!

*Thank you for your continued help with our daily snacks!  The children have been enjoying them!




…some things that are blue and our “blue song.”  The “blue” flags we are making (We will finish them Monday.  We didn’t want to get paint on our dress up clothes today.)

…reading Animals in the Park and starting our 1st reading workbook.

…reading the Fable “You Are Beautiful As You Are” and who the crow was trying to be like.

…our first   two popcorn words “I & Jesus.”

…how we answer our morning message question every day.

..what I learned about SAINT Rose of Lima.

…different ways we can make people feel welcome.

…why we bundled our straws (group of 10).

…what coin we traded 2 nickels for when counting days of school.

…singing and dancing to “I like to count it, count it.”