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We are still missing several discipline plan responses. Please return those ASAP. Thanks!

Here is a look at the week:

7th Math: We will multiply and divide with integers this week. We will then review exponents and begin learning how to find square roots, as well how to approximate square roots. On Thursday, we will review area of trapezoids.

7th Prealgebra: See 7th math, but we will also learn about cube roots.

8th Prealgebra: Students will work with rational operations this week, especially those involving decimals and fractions. They will use the order of operations. Students will also find the volume and surface area of a cone.

Algebra: We will review operations with radicals from last week and simplify fractions with radicals in the numerator and denominator. Students will also review exponent properties. Students will also find the volume and surface area of a cone.


6th Science: We will spend a few days identifying the independent, dependent, and constant/controlled variables of a scientific investigation. This will lead us to writing hypotheses.

7th Science: We are looking at how weathering and erosion can lead to cave formation and sinkholes, as well as how the movement of glaciers can change the surface of land.

8th Science: We are focusing this week on the set up and special groups of the periodic table. The students will also have a quiz this Friday over List 1 of their elements and symbols page in their notebooks. We made flash cards last week to help them study. They are to bring those to class every day.