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Here’s what we’ll be doing in middle school religion this week:

6th Grade:  6th graders will be planning Mass this week!  They will also begin the study the creation story in the book of Genesis.  They already have read the story because of their journal work; now we will discuss some of the questions that arise about creation, and its application to our own lives today.


7th Grade:  7th graders will wrap up a unit on “Friendship with Jesus” this week, and will begin the study of Jesus life and shown in the Gospels.  In the next few days they will explore similarities and differences between the 4 Gospels, and learn a little about the authors of the various Gospels.

8th Grade:  8th graders will now move into a unit reminding students that the Catholic Church can be traced all the way back to Jesus and the twelve apostles.  We will also discuss how our roots go back even further; Jesus was born into the Jewish religion, and many of our beliefs and customs have Jewish origins.  We will do a quick review of the Old Testament foundations for our faith before launching into the 4 marks of the Church (the Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic) within a few weeks.