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The Lion Cubs have had a full week of school!  We did it!  Most of the crying has stopped!  You would be surprised how quickly your child stops crying once you are out of their sight!

We have been learning all the routines in preschool.  The students come in and hang up their backpacks on the hooks outside the main office.  Then they come in and find their name tags on the tables.  They put their name tag on the board underneath the picture of a school lunch or a lunch box, depending on which one they are having that day.  If they are going home after recess, then we put their name tag under the “go home train”.

We have been easing in to the routines a little bit and allowing for extra play time in the mornings, just to let them find out what toys are in the room and to help them feel more comfortable.  As the year progresses, we can add more structure to the morning routine.

This week we talked about the color RED.  We colored with a red crayon in our journals.  We found things that were red around the room.  Next week we will work on the color BLUE.

We had art on Monday and music on Wednesday.  The students really seem to like art and music.  They are pretty interested in my ukulele!

In religion we talked about how God made the world and everything that is in it.  We are learning the Sign of the Cross when we say our prayers.

On Thursdays there is a school Mass.  This involves Kindergarten through 8th grade. However, since I play the piano and direct the school choir, I will be at Mass on Thursday mornings and I will not be in the room when you drop off your child.  Mrs. Simpson (our morning care person and First Grade aide) will be here.  It is generally from drop off until about 9 or 9:15.  Then I am back in the room with them.

I just have a couple of reminders or updates to pass along:  We do have a couple of students who are allergic to peanuts so please keep that in mind when you bring snack.  The snack schedule was handed out at the Meet and Greet.  Next week it is Grace Barnard’s turn to bring snack.  Thanks, Grace!  Thanks to Colton for the yummy snacks this week!

Also, due to health concerns we cannot allow blankets and stuffed animals from home.  We did have one case of lice last week and we don’t want that to spread.

Thanks for entrusting your child to us at St. Rose!  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected]

Mrs. Langferman