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Kindergarten Bound Preschool Newsletter

Hello Parents,

Welcome to the first full week of school! We start off this week with our first letter of the week, the letter Aa. The children made a collage for the letter Aa. This week, they will learn to write the letter Aa, learn the letter sound, learning the letter Aa is a vowel sound and making a craft for the letter Aa.

We will also start our religion lesson this week. We will learn how God created the world and learn what God did each day for seven days. This week we will be on days one, two and three.

The children had their first music class with Mrs. Langferman. I was told they had a great music class and the children were excited to learn new songs.

Remember, this Thursday, August 18th from 6:00-7:30pm is Back to School Night. This event is for parents only, please make arrangements for your children, I would love to see both parents at Back to School Night.

Just a FYI, no fast food is allowed in the PLC. We are putting our Health and Wellness plan in effect this year. One of our policies starting this year will be no fast food brought into the school cafeteria during lunch time and also when dropping off your child in the mornings. We do not serve a hot breakfast to the children. We do have granola bars if a child didn’t eat breakfast before they came to school. We encourage all parents to feed your child a healthy breakfast before dropping them off to school.

We will talk more about this on Back to School Night along with other important information you will need to know for your child this school year at St. Rose.

Reminder, this Friday is show-n-tell. The children need to bring one item to school that starts with the Letter of the Week (Aa).

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you,
Mrs. Mace