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” Be the CHANGE you wish to see in THE WORLD”



Week of August 15-19


Religion– We will learn about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to help us be the change in the world as our theme for the year challenges us to be. August’s fruit is love. Our activities will reflect recognizing and acknowledging people in our lives who demonstrate that love.


Science-We will be using an online program called Science A-Z as the main resource tool during science. This program is a fun and interactive way for students to see the most updated material in the science world. Students will get their own booklets where they can highlight, make notes, and/ or color each unit. We will start this year studying plants.


Social Studies– Social Studies: The students will be using the Indiana Studies Weekly for their main resource to learn about Indiana History. Indiana Studies are presented in newspaper format and are a fantastic way for students to learn how to identify important facts out of informational text. Students will be able to highlight and complete activities right in their newspapers.

Math- 4th math: Chapter 1 Use of Numbers.   Numbers are used for many different purposes. We will discuss order and position as well as learn place value through the hundred thousands.

Reading– The students will build background, read aloud, and expand their vocabulary. They will make inferences, analyze text, and identify problem and solution. We will identify new characters, summarize what we have read, identify the most important event of the chapters, make predictions and locate and identify figurative language and various parts of speech. We will also begin our first novel, Frindle

English– The students will learn that a sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought, and that a sentence fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought. They will review capitalization, punctuation, statements, commands, questions, and exclamations. The students will review comma between city and state, the abbreviations Mr., Mrs., and Ms., and will learn the differences between homophones their, there, and they’re.

Extra Extra

  •    Monday: Art & Library
  •     Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass   P.E. Back to school night…check THE ROAR for times
  • Friday: Library


Down the Road

  • Tuesday August 16 Pride meeting  Beer and wine social 6:30 in the PLC
  •  Thursday August 18 Back to School Night  6:00-7:30
  • September 9-10 Saint Rose Parish Festival