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Hello Athlete Parents (PLEASE READ & TAKE ACTION)

Last week we sent an email about open Athletic Registrations which has been on the athletic webpage.  There is a registration schedule and payment due dates posted on the website here: stroseschool.stroselions.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/2016-2017-Registration-Schedule-1.pdf

If your child wants to participate in SRS athletics they must be registered for the sports by the registration dates in this schedule. Payments are due at a later date and also noted on the schedule.

As of today (7/28/2016) XC, Cheerleading and Football registrations are still open to allow for some extra time due to family vacations and summer break. If your child would like to participate please register them today.

Girls Basketball season information can be found here and registrations are due by 7/31/2016: http://stroseschool.stroselions.net/athletics/girls-sports/basketball/

We currently have 7 girls registered as of today. If we don’t get additional participants we won’t offer girls basketball this year and those who would like to play will do so with OLG.

Fall Sports payments, per the schedule attached, are due August 13th. You don’t have to pay when you register you have to pay by the payment due dates.

Explanation of how CYO sports registrations work. St. Rose participates in CYO Indy sports who have official team registration deadlines for all participating schools. St. Rose must by these dates register the number of teams that we will have. Once we register the team we have to pay CYO a participation fee for each team. If we don’t have enough registered athletes for the team we still pay the fee to CYO. This is why it is important that if your child wants to play you register them by the dates in the schedule. If we don’t have the athletes to play we will not register teams with CYO.

Please look at the schedule and register your child for the sports they want to play. All registrations are open. You don’t have to wait until the deadlines. You can register them now.

Thank you,