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Camp Tecumseh, Wright Patterson Air ForceBase, Appleworks, & Dinkel’s Pond.

What do all these places have in common you ask?  They are some of the favorite field trips for our next St. Rose shining star, Sam!

During his time as a  St. Rose LION, Sam particularly enjoyed his 6th grade field trip to the Air Force Base and Holocaust Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  With the help of his Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Eberhart, Sam and his classmates listened to moving speeches from a Holocaust survivor and a prisoner of war/concentration camp about grief, resilience, and triumph.    What a valuable lesson for the students of St. Rose School!

Another highlight of Sam’s educational career as a LION was becoming a buddy to a Kindergarten student.  Thanks to Mrs. Boring, our Kindergarten teacher, the two boys formed a special bond from working together on projects, attending weekly school masses together, and participating in Advent and Lenten retreats throughout the school year.  Sam commented, “I really enjoyed my kindergarten buddy this year. I think it is great to be a role model for the younger students and I enjoyed doing activities with him.”    At. St. Rose School, we believe these unique friendships help our students grow in love and service to others.  

We look forward to hearing about the continued success of our star Sam as he becomes a Roncalli Rebel next year.  He feels that St. Rose School “ has given (me) something valuable. I made some really good friends and practiced my faith. The teachers really care about me and push me to be the best.”

Without a doubt, Sam will continue to travel and share in trips that allow him to spread the Good News!