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Have you ever had a friendship so meek and mild, sprinkled with sweet bits, dashed with good humor, and jam-packed with a certain zeal for life?  If so, you must be friends with our one and only Sofia!


At. St. Rose School, we are blessed to call this young lady our student, classmate, friend, and role-model.  Even at an early age, Sofia remembers “being a little preschooler who didn’t even want to go to school, but now I am excited every morning to walk in the door!”  Our hearts would agree! Sofia brings joy and happiness each and every day!  While we surely will miss her next year, we realize God has many more friendships in store for Sofia.

In her time as a LION, Sofia participated in many sports and after-school activities; her favorite being volleyball.  She also made time for developing friendships through a religion class service project. With the help of her teacher, Mrs. O’Brien, Sofia became pen-pals with residents of a local nursing home.  We know that must have brightened the day for so many!

Sofia also excelled in the classroom as she was honored several times for her academic success!  She recently thanked her teachers for “helping me achieve the education I have, and helping me be the person I am today.  My teachers definitely taught me to be polite and they taught me life morals.”

St. Rose School could not be more proud of this young lady!  She illuminates all the qualities of a bright shining star!