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Last, but certainly not least is our star Aiden!


We are proud to call Aiden a St. Rose LION!  He came to us in the 5th grade and we are so pleased with the young man he has become.

In his short time at SRS he has made a BIG impact!  Aiden enjoyed participating on our soccer team as well as many service projects for our community.  His favorite was the pen-pal service project with a resident from the First United Methodist Home.  In fact, even though his class commitment is over he has decided to keep up with writing his new friend!  What a special opportunity for Aiden!

Aiden would like to thank his religion teacher, Mrs. O’Brien for “inspiring me by her actions to achieve more.”  He feels his education at St. Rose School has “helped me in tough areas.”

Congratulations to Aiden and his family for being a shining example to others!  We are proud of you and wish you all the best in your next steps!  Be sure to stop back in once and a while.  We’d love to see you!