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What’s that you hear?  It sounds like an angel singing at the pearly gates for St. Peter! Oh wait…that’s just our very own talented choir member, Jeremy!


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to him at a school mass, VIP Day concert, or Christmas program, you’ll certainly be moved by how angelic his voice sounds.  We’ve watched his talent soar over the years, even from his earliest days in the end of the year Kindergarten program!  Jeremy is blessed with a beautiful voice and thanks to Mrs. Langferman (among many others, too), he has developed his God-given talent to serve others.  We look forward to one day downloading his album from iTunes!

Throughout his time at St. Rose School, Jeremy was involved in helping make Easter baskets for homeless children, helping get toys and supplies to a local animal shelter, as well as writing letters to veterans in the Richard L. Roudebush Veteran’s Hospital.    St. Rose School is proud of how he has embraced the call to serve his parish and school by serving at Mass.  He has even commented that “the first time I went to mass at St. Rose, I realized I wanted to be a priest.”  Undoubtedly, Jeremy’s love for others shines brightly in a weary world. Please join us in praying for Jeremy’s call to vocations.

Best of luck to our shining star! We look forward to seeing where God leads you next!