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Adjust the cameras and silence the crowds as we proudly throw the spotlight onto the one and only~ Michael!


Michael has been a part of the St. Rose family from the beginning of his school days.  He started out as one of our littlest LIONS, and he has remained a faithful student ever since!  The teachers and staff at St. Rose School are beyond excited to watch Michael graduate from the 8th grade.

In his time at St. Rose, Michael has made many contributions to our community.  As a member of the Student Council, Michael had an integral role is designing and painting a rain barrel that was auctioned off to help support those with basic water needs in Africa.  Furthermore, as a son of a retired veteran, Michael has proudly and patriotically supported service projects for our troops, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.  Michael is a shining example of serving others with compassion and concern. He makes us proud each day!

On the football field, Michael can be counted on to be a leader.  His dedication to his teammates and coaches was unparalleled.    In the classroom, Michael enjoyed learning Algebra with Mrs. Roessler.  He commented, “I enjoyed that class the most because I got the chance to go to a higher level. I believe everyone should get this chance.”  We couldn’t agree more!

We, too, are looking forward to the exciting opportunities that await!  Three cheers for Michael and his family for choosing a Catholic education!