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7th Grade students need to be here by 6:45 pm for 8th grade graduation Thursday, May 19. The reception will follow Mass and the graduation.

8th students wanting to use passes for math and science need to have them in on Tuesday. 6th and 7th need to have them in to me by Friday.


Here is this week:

6th Math: We will have a quiz on Wednesday over mean, median, mode, range, finding quartiles, interquartile range, and making box and whisker plots. We will also begin working on operations with integers.

7th Math: We will work on operations of integers, fractions and decimals. (Review)

Prealgebra: We will work on factoring trinomials this week.

Algebra: We will learn about correlation and causation this week.

6th Science: We will wrap up our activities from last week.

7th Science: We are using this time to finish the 8th grade graduation decorations and do our lab report final drafts.

8th Science: We will be wrapping up the year this week as they are preparing to graduate.